About Us

WISE Guys Community Housing Project Ltd

Services We Offer:

The Wise Guys Community Housing Project, offers Emergency Accommodation, Emergency Housing, Urgent Accommodation as well as Long Term Accommodation for up to 30 men (we no longer take women sorry).  Our safe houses are based  in South Auckland.  We are also a Men’s Retreat / Men’s Shelter that specialize in helping men with nowhere to go, homeless or need help to get their lives back on track.

Professional Counseling, Social & Mental Health support services are also available.  Wherever possible, we will support residents, if needed, in liaising with other services.  Trips to a WINZ office can be organized.

We work with places like WINZ, Men’s groups, Salvation Army & other such places to help house those who have nowhere to call home.  Our safe houses are always ready & willing to work with organizations where possible to give you a roof over your head if you meet our admission criteria.

From time to time we receive donations of food  & groceries etc from the Mercy Mission, the Auckland City Mission, the Salvation Army and various other local and individual donors.


The Wise Guys Men’s Refuge & Wise Guys Community Housing Project will not discriminate on the basis of perceived level of need or current status.  There is strict rules regarding Jail, Bail or in trouble with Police etc.  Please note we DO NOT DO BAIL ADDRESSES or straight out of Jail.  The Wise Guys accommodation cannot be used as your Bail address as this is not permitted & you will not be allowed to live here.  The needs of our current residents, will always take precedence and any referral which has the potential to affect this, will need to be discussed prior to admission.  We are are available via phone 7 days a week & can sometimes arrange some pick ups or you can get to us.

Residents Safety:

Residents should be entitled to safe & supported accommodation.  In order to ensure we maintain a positive safety, anyone with a history of Assault, use of Weapons, Arson, Violence or Sexual Offending, recently out of Jail or on Bail will NOT be considered suitable for admission.

Alcohol / Drugs:

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are to be brought into or consumed onto any of our premises.  Anyone who is caught doing so will be evicted immediately.  Harm reduction philosophy applies. Residents engaged in persistent harmful Alcohol or Drug use will be deemed unsuitable and asked to leave.

Violence / Abuse:

Any Resident who is found to have Harassed, Threatened, Intimidated, Bullied, Stood Over, made Sexual Advances or Physically Assaulted another Resident will be evicted immediately.  Police will be used if necessary.


Visitors are encouraged to visit our houses.


Residents may have a motor vehicle which must be Registered & Warranted.  Residents also need to be licensed to drive the vehicle.  Off street parking is available for visitors and house guests.  Wise Guys The Men’s Group Limited takes no responsibility for damage or theft from vehicles elsewhere in or on the property.

Wise Guys Community Housing Project

What we can offer:

  • Love
  • Camaraderie
  • Friendship
  • A Sense of Belonging
  • Purpose
  • Clarity
  • Safety

What we can offer:

  • A Roof over your head
  • Trips can be organized to W.I.N.Z or Internal Affairs for ID applications etc.
  • Counseling
  • Occasional Deep Sea & Coastal Fishing

 What we are looking for from you the new house guest:

  • A no Drugs or Alcohol use whilst staying with us.
  • A willingness to help to keep our place clean.
  • An understanding that for the duration of your stay, you will be expected to keep your area clean & up to your agreed standard.
  • Attendance of a weekly House Meeting
  • Able to do your own W.I.N.Z Applications, or a willingness to learn how to look after your own unsupervised and unsupported affairs over time. (full 100% support is provided up until then)
  • An understanding that any help you or a trained Facilitator provides, towards day to day running of our house, is done so on a voluntary basis and in no way constitutes employment by Wise Guys The Men’s Group Ltd.  Any help provided is done so with the spirit of collective friendship and healing in mind.