Residential Care Plans

Our Plans that are the basis of our Residential Support Care


WISE Guys newest venture is our Community Housing Project.  We call this our Wise Guys CHP for short.  This Project is focused on getting men’s lives back in order / back on track & by giving them the guidance needed to work & live together in a safe environment, taught necessary life skills, compassion, comradery & with the aim of getting our residents back with family & new friends again in time.


We were established because there are very few, if any, support services available for vulnerable men in New Zealand.

Just as women sometimes need support to effect behavior change, recover from trauma, rebuild lives and achieve peace, so too do men.  We work together to help achieve personal goals.

Our Residential Program along with our sister Community Housing Project can accommodate 50 individuals.


We’re a last resort and first step to rebuilding life when events overcome you and you’re without a home.  We can accommodate you in an Emergency & are an Emergency Housing Provider so when addictions, life, stress, family or relationship breakdowns leave you homeless and unemployed.  Working together we can help you regain control over behavior, or an inability to cope with relationships and everyday situations.

We’ll help you pick up the pieces and rebuild your life, offering counseling, training and support in a non-judgmental environment to get you back on track and employed again. We are run by Trained Professionals and others who have been where you are and have come through it.

Getting back on track may not be easy – but working together we can help you do it.  So if you, or someone you know, wants to get more out of life when every day has become a challenge, Contact Us.


We offer:  One-on-one and group Counseling, Life Skills training and Emergency Housing Accommodation.

But life is also about living and being independent.  That’s why we have activities such as gardening, going fishing from time to time, handyman and social events – that make life start to become & feel normal again.

When you decide to want to leave us and return to the community, we can help you find support groups in various Auckland suburbs.

It’s always been our firm belief, that reliable ongoing community support services for both men and women could be provided on a client funded basis without the need of special additional government funding.  The together strong principle of organic communal learning through shared joint experiences is the result, and our business model reflects this. i.e. all of our services are paid for by way of income derived from residents rent payments.

The Idea is to bring men and women back into life through positive memory making events such as going fishing, making gardens etc.  Along with problem solving / team building activities that have been around for a long time here at Wise Guys and defines everything we do, from getting up early to get a pick of the free range eggs available in our back yard, to whom to team up with for shopping trips or making the decision to fend for themselves etc, all behavior (decisions) bring with it inherent learning opportunities.  Our trained Facilitators, or Volunteer crew members are always close by to lend a hand and help residents make a learning, both positive and negative count here, as the wrong communal or individual decisions can often lead to undesirable results, leading to new learnings etc.

Over time residents learn that working together improves their lives and that fending for themselves often does not work out so well.  It is our aim to teach new communal behavior patterns that equip residents with the necessary tools and encourages a deeper understanding of the importance of working and learning together.

To foster growth in general Wise Guys the Men’s Group Ltd provides the following Plans, Programs and Projects.

Wise Guys Projects & Plans                                                                                                                                           USER PAYS BUSINESS MODEL = WE ARE NOT A CHARITY

Our Plans

  1.  Supported Communal Living Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who is wanting to live long term in a safe and community minded environment, rather than being living alone and unprotected in a Boarding House
  2. Ongoing Wellness Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for Graduates wishing to continue to live a life of sober fun & fishing are just some of the ways this plan help you ease back into life.
  3. Bridging / Tie Over Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who, is waiting for a housing NZ or other suitable home, seeking temporary safe accommodation in the meantime.
  4. Life Skills Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who, wishes to learn the art of communal living and is seeking to learn vital life skills to help in later life.
  5. Community Integration Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who has been out of jail for more than 12 month and is struggling in the community of “Old Friends”  wishing to get away from that i.e. go fishing instead.  This Plan has criteria that needs to be met before your acceptance into our Houses is accepted.
  6. Mild Mental Health Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who is currently under mental health or has a mental health support worker visiting on a regular basis, but is seeking a more communal experience to life, able to access all normal services and participate in life with like minded residents in a similar situation to you.
  7. Wellness Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who, is for whatever reason in life seeking time out and a place to be alone or in company of others, also seeking peace.  There’s nothing like living in the country to get away from it all.  We can off relaxed living & a rural outlook as well.  What more could someone want.
  8. Hospital Exit Plan:    This plan is specifically designed for someone who, has found himself in hospital with no valid exit address due to current life stresses and wishes to get his or her life back on track.  We can pick you up from hospital, provide you with clothing if required, (you’d be surprised how many men we have had arriving in hospital gowns in the past) a warm bed, your own room and generally a place to heal and eventually return back to life, in the meantime we will organize your GP visits, take you to all your WINZ, CADS, AA, STUDY, WINZ required training, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, COUNSELING etc, in short we help you get to any service you require to heal and get a fresh NEW Start.
  9. Emergency Housing Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who has had life events, overcome them & are without a home. So when addictions, life, stress, family or relationship breakdowns leave you homeless & unemployed, this plan is for you.
  10. Leadership Development Plan:     This plan is specifically designed for someone who wants to further his or her education whilst staying with us, and consist of an initial 12 week facilitator training course AKA Community Support Worker / Crew Member.

Our latest Projects

WISE Guys newest venture is our Community Housing Project.  We call this our Wise Guys CHP for short.

The Wise Guys Community Housing Project provides innovative, specialized housing and support services for people living with mild mental illness, addictions and other challenges.  By designing programs based on research, assessment, evaluation, and implementation of best practices, the Wise Guys CHP is leading the way in developing solutions to end homelessness.

The homeless are not homogenous.  By offering a variety of housing and support options, so Wise Guys CHP can ensure that appropriate, supportive environments are available to our clients.

The Wise Guys CHP family of programs includes Emergency Housing, transitional housing, women’s housing, long term housing, outreach programs, food services and community living support.

Once an applicant and our staff determine which is the best housing program for that individual, the applicant is shortlisted.

Many of the Wise Guys CHP Housing programs operate from a low barrier, housing first perspective – meaning that we aren’t too rigid & require that people meet certain standards of behavior, or are compliant with mild mental health issues, to receive services and housing support from us.  Instead, we welcome them to a community of people experiencing similar challenges.  It is all part of our programs to help change things.

Housing First

The Wise Guys CHP has been a leader in developing a ‘Housing First’ approach with its clients, providing supported housing to those with challenging behaviors, active substance use, and no psychiatric treatment links or medication use.

Our Wise Guys CHP is unique in our ‘Housing First’ philosophy, as the majority of the current supported housing programs in Auckland require that applicants achieve a substantial measure of “housing readiness” before they can access the housing.

Typically this means the client must be stable, linked with treatment services, have minimal levels of challenging behavior, and whilst this is also true with us in the long run, in order for a client to remain with us long term, it is not part of our intake criteria.  Having said that we do insist on a drug /alcohol and violent free house and will evict house guest found threatening individuals or the general peace of the house.  Harm Reduction Policy applies.

By providing services to those who are not considered ‘housing ready’ by other organizations, the Wise Guys CHP has been successful in breaking the cycles of chronic homelessness, instability and substance use for our clients by providing assertive interventions within a high tolerance environment.

The goal is not simply to get people off the streets but to provide a comprehensive array of supports that assist people in achieving stability which allows them to move forward with their lives.  By providing housing and support in a client-centered environment, and Wise Guys CHP engages clients to create an atmosphere of trust where opportunities for change can be discovered.

To date, the outcomes of these two programs have exceeded our expectations.  We have seen that with the right supports and opportunities, people will choose health and stability and to move towards a better life for themselves.

We believe, that the current Wise Guys Community Housing Project “Housing First” programs make an effective and necessary contribution to the health of any large urban community and with this in mind are actively seeking opportunities to expand our now well proven Supported Living housing programs.

The Wise Guys Community Housing Project provides temporary shelter for people living on the streets, who are living with mental illness or have experienced trauma in their lives.

Our shelters provide Emergency Housing and care for people living with mental health, substance use and other challenges.

Clients are able to stay longer than at most shelters, which gives our facilitators and crew time to help residents access appropriate support services based on their individual needs and circumstances.  An average the length of stay with us can range from 28 days to 6 months with some residents deciding to live on site for a number of years is also not uncommon.

Referrals are accepted from individuals themselves, hospitals, community service providers, health-care practitioners, employment assistance WINZ workers the CAB and other local shelters.

Every client/ house guest / resident gets their own room, which is a unique feature of the Wise Guys CHP.  We can house around 50 people or more.

The Wise Guys Community Housing Project is managed by Trained and Experienced group members who liaise with doctors, mental health teams, counselors and other professionals.

Because clients at the Wise Guys Community Housing Project have often been turned away from other shelters and housing organizations due to their complex health needs, at Wise Guys CHP team members respect each individual client / house guest, and work with every person who comes to us to help them regain a sense of dignity and self worth.

If you know someone who is in need of assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Wise Guys Community Housing Project for further information, on 0800494734 & we’re open 7 days a week or visit our website on or on Facebook at

Clients may be currently or chronically homeless, are trying to make the leap to market housing, and living with mental illness and homelessness.  Our Team Members co-ordinate their residents support with the help of House Meetings & Counseling.

Wise Guys The Men’s Group Ltd pride ourselves in providing help, support, companionship & all else that becomes “HELPING TO GET YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK”