TV3 STORY 2014 :

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TV 3 went to visit the WISE Guys Retreat in late 2014 to a short filming of where the WISE Guys men live, bond, unite together and find others of similar circumstance and work to overcome their problems.

Watch the video for the full TV 3 Story report.

W.I.S.E Guys is an organization that provides counseling to those struggling with issues, abuse and mental health, to get their lives back on track.

We are based in Kingseat, South Auckland and have helped more than 300 men in the last three years.

Forty men live and eat together at WISE Guys, which started out as a blokes support group, and is now a full-time Men’s Retreat & Refuge.

There is absolutely NO Drugs, NO Alcohol and NO Violence that is tolerated, & we don’t take anyone currently in the justice system says co-founder Brent Milesi.

The rules are plain and simple and the Wise Guys approach is also – to get the men up and unpack the baggage they are carrying.

To contact WISE Guys organization, call our FREE phone line:  0800494734